Harriet C says:

A massive thanks to Hari @ Adya Photography for doing an amazing job with the photos and making our day even more special!

Nicola M says:

Absolutely love our wedding pictures! The day, the atmosphere, the ambience was captured perfectly!

Sarah W says:

Hari and team came in early to cover around 12 hours of shoot, right from the makeup till the end of the day. Very professional, he knows his work, one feels comfortable that the right person is taking the photographs of one of the most important days of one’s life. The end result was so very beautiful. I want to frame each and every photograph. Lovely edits and captures such beautiful pictures! Truly recommended!

Sam N. says:

Very friendly, natural and artistic photographer. He knows what he does and delivered brilliant photographs! My wife and I loved the pics. Delivered the pics on time as promised, delivered them at home, top quality service all around.

Jesse P. says:

Adya Photography – simply defined as “Exemplary Professionalism” – Photography at its best that was personalized to cater to our needs. I would sincerely recommend Adya Photography, a true gentlemen, helped the Bride and Groom relax and was friendly with everyone.

Niley J. says:

Hari was amazing! He made us feel very comfortable. I had never met Hari before but we was very friendly and nice on the day.

Yoshi says:

Ours was a Japanese, Irish wedding. Hari showed us some work where he worked with a lot of people belonging to different countries and traditions which impressed me. He asked the right questions during our initial conversation about the traditions and ceremony and that combined with his photography skills made us to hire him. Goes above and beyond to capture the right photographs. Very happy with the final results. He made us look like models.

Jeremy says:

Very good work. He and his team are very professional and extremely friendly. Truly recommended.

Steven says:

All the events on the day were shot very well, had great fun shooting the post-ceremony shoot at UWA with my mates and the bridesmaids, lot of photographs to remember the memorable events. Great pictures..

Olivia N. says:

I love the photographs!!! Thank you so much for being such a lovely partner on our wedding. It wass really fun…! You and your team  helped us to make our wedding come true!!

Harpreet G: says:

The pics were so amazing!!! I loved each and every photgraph and had a hard time to decide which photograph was my favorite, all of them were so very good!!!! Hari is a fantastic photographer who does an excellent job at it.

Shanti Y. says:

It was a fun shoot, we went to the boatshed and then to the beach and then the ceremony. Love the pictures, so very artistic. He knows his stuff..

Nathan. says:

Very lovely photographs. Made us feel very comfortable, very friendly and excellent photographer.

Sophea H. says:

Went over and beyond and has great communication. He worked well with our other suppliers. Delightful and pleasant to deal with. Very happy with the final images, captures emotions and brings it out very efficiently.

Inayah A. says:

Excellent photographer, very artistic, very friendly and has an artistic eye towards weddings. His colours are really vivid and photographs are surreal. Had shoots at the boat shed, kings park and other places. Hire if you want quality and art with the right price.

Meldina I. says:

Hari and his team are very meticulous and professional when it came to the initial meeting and the shoot of the wedding. His photographs were very warm and all photographs gave out an emotion or story associated. Truly recommended!!

Chris C says:

Stunning pics, captured the day beautifully!

Phil M says:

Excellent photographer, adjusted the package based on our requirements, very friendly and delivered the photographs very quickly. Exceptional quality of service in all aspects.

 Amita G. says:

We had a shoot at an exotic location, it was a very long shoot, about 15 hrs, absolutely worth every minute. The pictures are absolute piece of art! We have made posters of many pictures and are present in our house. Magical colours, artistic, friendly and professional.

Bharat G. says:

Hari accepted our offer to shoot our pre-wedding and wedding. We did the pre-wedding at a very old template. We started out at 3AM in the morning  ended at roughly 2PM. Loved the shoot, loved the photographs. Truly, truly, truly recommended.

Nimisha C. says:

Brilliant photographer! Loved the photos. Extremely professional both during the shoot and in delivering the photos way before time. Patience is very important in a photographer and he had loads of it. Listened to my every request, big and small.

Vicky says:

Although it was hot summer and a very long shoot (about 10 hrs), Hari professionaly captured everything and the end results is something that is always to remember. Awesome photographer.

Suhani R. says:

Captures the right moments the right way, his photographs are very professional, high quality and service is very good.